Free Game: Fall Apart

It’s Saturday, and we’ve got our first week of posts behind us. Amazing! Soon, people will flock, and then comes the fame and fortune; oh yeah, just you wait.

In the mean time, however, I’ve got a free game for you all! I call it ‘Fall Apart’, and it’s a card game. You’ll need a deck or two of playing cards and a couple of friends. It’s a quirky, quick game that I thought up around the idea of a card game that doesn’t have hands.

Fall Apart — 2 to 3 players (1 deck) or 3 to 6 players (2 decks)
This is a card game about being the last man standing; it requires a bit of planning, a bit of deduction and more than a little bit of luck to win. Here’s how you play.

Set Up
Shuffle up your cards — use 1 deck for a fast or small game, and 2 for a bigger or longer game. Remove any jokers, you’ll only need standard cards. The dealer deals out all the cards equally to each player and to one additional pile (for example, with three players there should be 4 even piles of cards).

Each player takes a pile of these cards, these will be their decks; the last remaining pile should be made in to a common deck in the middle of the table. Before the game begins, each player may look through and sort their deck however the please. The common deck should be random and no one may look at it.

Once all the players have ordered their decks, they’re placed face down in front of each player and may not be reordered again. The game starts with the player on the left of the dealer and continues left as the game goes on.

Playing the Game
Each player takes turns one after another. On each player’s turn, they start by flipping over a card from any one of the decks. If you ever flip over a card from an opponents deck, at the end of the turn you must ‘pay back’ that player. Once the card has been flipped, each other player must flip over a card from any deck.

For every trait that the card they flip fails to match on the initial card, each player must discard a card from their deck. For example; if the initial card is a 3 of Spades, and I flip a five of spades, I must discard 1 card, as they are not the same face value.

Traits to match include: Color (Red/Black), Suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs), Face Value (1-13), Evens or Odds, and Numeral/Face.

If someone flips up the same card as the initial player, the discard nothing. If the flip up a card with nothing in common with the initial card, they discard 5. Additionally, if each opponent discards at least 3 cards, you may draw one card from the top of each of their decks, look at them, and then add them to the top of your deck in any order.

If you opt to flip over a card from another player’s deck, you must ‘pay back’ that card. At the end of the turn, once all the discards have been made, without looking, you take the top card from your deck and give it to that player. They may look at it, then place it atop their own deck.

The game continues until only one player has cards left in their deck, and they are the winner!

And there you have it! If you want to make it more interesting, you can add poker chips to it:
Before each each player reacts to the initial card each turn, but after it’s been turned, each player makes a bet and adds it to the jackpot. When the game ends, winner takes all. If someone has no more chips, they must instead discard an extra card each turn.

To Summarize:

  • Deal all the cards out in to piles; one for each player and one more
  • Players choose a pile and sort it how they please
  • Place deck in front of each player and do not look at it or reorganize it again
  • Play goes left from dealer
  • For all intents and purposes, the common deck counts as another player who does not get a turn

Each Turn

  • Pick a deck and flip over its top card
  • Everyone else picks a deck and flips over the first card, too; compare those cards to the first card
  • For each trait they mismatch, your opponents discard a card from their deck:
    • Color, Suit, Face Value, Evens/Odds, and Numeral/Face
  • Once all the discards are done, each player ‘pays back’ any player who they drew from
  • If each opponent discards at least three cards, you may draw a card from each of their decks and place them in any order on your deck


  • The last player with cards in their deck is the winner

And that’s Fall Apart! Try to keep it together, and enjoy the game!


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