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Amorphous+, on Kongregate

Want a little something to get addicted to for a while? Amorphous+ is here to help! This great little flash game revolves around smashing goop for fun and profit, keeping it’s play-style simple without compromising on its own complexity.

Amorphous+ places you in an number of featureless arenas, filled with balls of goop it calls Glooples. Glooples are individually not all that scary, but operate like hives and are prone to mutate in to many different forms of goop, many of which are dangerous, armed with acids, spikes or sometimes just mass.

There are a few distinct reasons as to why Amorphous+ is a great game. Foremost, it’s an arcade style test of peripheral perception and reflex; the game is often unforgiving and as a player you can observe your skills increasing as you play — while it sometimes feels a little random, the game is fairly predictable. Second, it has an enormous number of unlockables; primarily in terms of achievements, but the more achievements you accomplish, you are rewarded with a unique piece of equipment you can bring with you in later games. While you can’t take all of your unlocked equipment with you, the more you unlock, the more you can take at any given time.

Between an observable difficulty curve and unlockables, the game just BEGS to be played over and over again. It encourages players to explore it, and to practice caution so they may encounter rarer glooples and interact with those glooples for points and achievements.  It encourages them to unlock more so that they can experiment with various sets of equipment and determine which is best for their play style.

And, really, there’s something REALLY satisfying about splatting all that goop. MMMmm.

I personally find Amorphous+ to be an excellently produced game, and I find it to be one of the best examples of Achievement implementation in gaming today; it really shows the addictive power of offering arbitrary goals of all flavors.  Give it a try, but be warned — it can eat up a lot of time!


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