TOJam #4

Toronto Indie Game Development Jam

Toronto Indie Game Development Jam

I’m excited to say that I’ll be attending this year’s TOJam, this upcoming May weekend. For those who aren’t familiar, TOJam is a Toronto Indie Game Jam; an event for game developers to come together, meet and make games. It’s a non-competitive event where teams try to create games on a theme in three days, and make them fun and functional.

This will be my first time at the event; I heard about it for the first time last year, and I wasn’t able to clear my schedule or acquire a laptop in time to go — this year I’m good to go.

I’m attending as an Artist Floater; which means my drawing hand will likely be sore come Sunday night, but I look forward to cracking out large volumes of game art. I tried to assemble a team to enter last minute, but unfortunately the programmers I know were all tied up and unable to make the commitment. A damn shame to be sure.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to it, partly for social/networking reasons (although the bulk of the jam is work, work, work! Those games won’t create them selves!) but also for the joy of being purely immersed in a large group of people doing what it is we all love doing — making games.

This year’s theme is ‘Scale’ — should be interesting!


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