Quick Post: Crossing Genres

I’ve only got a few minutes before I’ve gotta bolt, but I wanted to get a post up today.

I’ve started a new project recently with a talented programmer from TOJam, and hopefully between the two of us, we’ll have some cool games for you lot in the not-too-distant future. I’ll talk about the game we’re working on in a few days when we get the initial details finalized, but I wanted to talk about one of the key ideas I explored when coming up with an idea.

A lot of games have show success by crossing elements from multiple genres of games. It’s an easy way to bring a little life to each of the genres you choose by blending it with something else that works from a different school of thought. It’s relatively low risk, and it’s easy to do. We see a bajillion games with RPG elements, and increasing numbers of games that include puzzlely minigames for various reasons.

An idea that sprung up to me was mixing genres on the micro/macro level. There’s been lots of games that have speculated on the idea of dodging and climbing Tetris bricks but few that have actually done it. (There’s a great flash game like this, though it’s just falling blocks, rather than Tetris bricks) Knight Fall (from Armor Games) is another interesting case, where a puzzle game has been given RPG elements by putting RPG encounters inside the puzzle. It’s not perfect, but it is really interesting.

However, we don’t see many games that use a change in scale to mix two genres. What if the in-game character was dealing with a bizarre mini-game puzzle, but doing so while other action was happening? Like if Gordon Freeman needed to set Tetris bricks with the Gravity gun while fending off a headcrab attack? Well, I have a few such ideas and next week, I’m going to go in to some detail on them.


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One Response to “Quick Post: Crossing Genres”

  1. Andrew Says:

    While there may be a lack of “Genre Crossing” in video games. I for one take it upon myself to do it in real life as much as possible.
    Text messaging while driving, eating while swimming, etc.

    If Gordon Freeman could talk, you know he’d have stories about updating his twitter while smashing zombie faces in Ravenholm, he’s just that awesome.

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