TOJam Arcade!

Oooh -- Donkey Kong!

Oooh -- Donkey Kong!

TOJam’s Site

I just thought I’d do my part here and mention that the TOJam #4 Arcade is happening tonight. A whole bunch of crazy, talented game artists, designers and programmers came together over a weekend to make a bunch of awesome games and now they’re going to be on display for everyone to try.

The Arcade is open to the public, and is taking place at the Blue Moon Pub at Queen St E and Broadview Ave in Toronto, not far from where the event was held. Everything starts at 7:45, and everyone is invited — so if you were there or just curious, come on down and meet all the Jammers. You’ll be impressed at what they’ve accomplished! (It’s all pretty friggin awesome!)

See you all tonight!


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3 Responses to “TOJam Arcade!”

  1. Paul Hunter Says:

    Hey Greg!

    It was very cool to see you out last night at the TOJAM Arcade, the event was a lot of fun. I’ve read through a few articles on The Art of Game and really enjoy your blog. The review of Bomberman Blast makes me want to pick up the game! I wish I had someone on NextGen Player who did regular WiiWare and indie game reviews, but sadly I don’t.

    • Greg Says:

      I’m glad you like the reading here, Paul — it was a big surprise to run in to you at the event. Good to see you none the less, though. And yeah; if you haven’t got it already, Bomberman Blast is a pretty awesome title. It fits the public image of the Wii as a system with good party games; and with very little of the bad superfluous motion controls that plague other party games like Wario Ware and Mario Party. And hey; if NGP is looking for someone to do downloadable games, I’m sure my writing can be spread about lovingly.

      You’ll want to stay tune; next week I’m going to be posting daily on TOJam games now that the arcade is over. I hope to cover 10 or so of the titles that really caught my eye, maybe more. 😀

  2. Paul Hunter Says:

    Hey Greg,

    It sure was cool to run into at the TOJAM Arcade event, I figured you’d be there since I saw you in that video. I really enjoyed checking out all the indie games that everyone made over the weekend.

    Bomberman was my #1 favourite party game for Super NES, so if Bomberman Blast can match the fun of that game then it’s a sure fire great game in my eyes. Nothing can beat bombing chucking mayhem.

    If you’re ever interested in contributing an article about game design, or if you want to review a game on NextGen Player I would love to feature some of your work on the site. The site launched a year ago and we are currently getting about 15,000 visitors a month, a lot of it Canadian. We’ve managed to make some deep contacts in the gaming industry over the year so it’s pretty cool.

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