Totally Important Games: Seiklus



Over at TOJam HQ, the release schedule has been changed, so it looks like it’ll be a few more days till the next set of releases. That’s cool; in the mean time, I want to talk more about some completely awesome important games.

Seiklus is a game I highly recommend — it’s a free, short, indie platformer by cly5m, made in Gamemaker. You can find it only cly5m’s site here.

So what’s so great about it? Seiklus happens to be one of the first adventure-centric games I’ve ever seen. And when I say adventure-centric, I mean that the game’s intent is to have you explore your surroundings. Seiklus creates a colorful, pixel-art world and thrusts you in to it. As the game progresses, you gain a handful of powerups, mostly designed to help you navigate the unthreatening world.

The real nature of the game is hard to grasp for a lot of people — there’s no violence or conflict at all. You never encounter any enemies, though there are a number of creatures that may impede your progress somewhat. It’s all about the landscape, the varying locations you can explore.

There’s not a lot more to say; Seiklus has a wonderful art style, and features a great chip-tune sound track– the whole thing is best described as ‘neo retro’. Despite it’s non-confrontational ways, it actually has a secret ending for more devoted players to find. It’s sweet and simple story is a real pleasure to play through — it’s all just a much more warm and fuzzy experience than gaming typically tends to be.

The game has also had some serious impact, including being inspiration for a lot of Nifflas‘s work, such as Knytt and Within a Deep Forest. There’s been an number of other games that have been inspired from Seiklus too, including Painajainen and Kaipuu. The trend in these games is to be deeply atmospheric, where the emphasis is on a journey rather than a struggle, often with small, simple puzzles along the way. They’re very different than the usual fare, and that makes them pretty important to me.


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