Quick Post: Keyboard Dedication

I’m in the midst of some travel at the moment, but I wanted to lay out a little gripe I’ve been seeing far more of lately than I should have. A lot of flash games do this stupidly, but it’s not just limited to them. I implore you, designers, DON’T forget about this important rule.

If the controls used to play your game are all on one input device (like a keyboard); DON’T ever force the player the switch input devices to navigate your user interface! NEVER!

I realize that a lot of games want to have a nice, button interface, and that’s fine, but it drives me crazy to have to use the mouse in order to start the next level, or to close the inventory, or what ever. It’s obnoxious and it interrupts the flow of play. Don’t do it.

See you all on Monday and we’ll (hopefully) tackle the next set of TOJam games!


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