Quick Post: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

I was reading about an upcoming game for the PS3 called Heavy Rain the other day — I intend to dig up more, as well. It’s got a number of interesting elements surrounding it, but the primary reason I’m interested is because they claim that there are 4 playable characters, and if at any point one of them dies, you simply switch to another’s viewpoint and continue — the death is then worked in to the story. If all the characters die, the game resolves anyway.

Now, this sounds like it’s a big mess of scripting, since the game is story based, and follows a film-noir murder plot — I imagine that the creators are spending a lot of time hard-coding the combinatorial realities of each of the characters dying after a point, which will reach the effect they describe, but only in a  minimalistic sense. It does however follow similar lines of thinking that I was discussing before in Living With Failure a while back (which then cascaded in to some design musings).

I’m interested in checking out Heavy Rain because of the attempt, and I’m interested to see if their implementation works. The game’s director lamented in an interview that games were still not telling more mature stories, and sought to change it — an effort that I must say is very admirable.


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One Response to “Quick Post: Heavy Rain”

  1. Paul Hunter Says:

    Hey Greg, nice write-up. I’m definitely interested in Heavy Rain for the same reason you are. I think it’s one of those games that could really give us a fresh experience. It’s about time a developer took such a strong stance to create a truly mature title for the PS3.

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