Pixel Art: The Tooth Fairy

A while back I found a great little site for pixel artists, Pixel Joint, where they hold weekly art competitions. I hadn’t had the time or motivation to enter anything until just recently, where last week the competition was ‘The Tooth Fairy’. Amusingly enough, the entries seem to be split between the Tooth Fairy as 1) a young woman, 2) an old man, 3) a monster of some kind, or 4) an anthropic tooth.

Here’s my entry. You can also see it and others (and vote for your favorites) on their site. (You have to register, though).

The Tooth Fairy: Caught

The Tooth Fairy: Caught

There was a nervous laugh let out when the light flicked on, revealing the spritely figure less than 10cm tall. She froze, arms fuller than full (fuller than wise, and far fuller than regulation) with precious loot.

She was caught. She was less stealthy than she wanted to admit, and got a little greedy; just one more couldn’t hurt, right? She had just enough space to fit it in the crook of her arm — anything more in her bag and it just might burst.

The question was, ‘what next’? Was it too late to run?


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