Easter Weekend Prejam

I love game jams. When I have to feign excitement for sporting events, I pretend that the Superbowl is TOJam, and it feels much more natural. And with TOJam #6 coming up next month, I’m pretty excited!  This year, Team Cardboard Box is 5 members strong, and we’re looking to make something very memorable.

That said, we’re undertaking a Prejam! What’s that? Well, it’s a laid back, online 72 hour Jam. We’re doing it as a team exercise, so that we’re working at full capacity when TOJam hits! But you can join in too, and make a game through the weekend! (And you know, you can take Monday to finish it if you reeeally want to.)

The themes we picked for our Prejam are: Coffee, Cereal and “Who Dunnit?”
Use all of em! Use none of em! It’s up to you!

I’ll be tweeting about this as we make progress; follow @GregPXL or, just look for the #prejam tag! Send me a link to your progress or final game and I’ll link em all from here at the end.



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