TOJam 6: Night 1

So TOJam #6 is here! I’m pretty excited. It’s pretty late, and most of our team is asleep, or planning to be soon. (I am part of the latter.)

So what’s happening? Well, Team Cardboard Box, which consists of myself, Andrew Tarzwell, Moh Al-Sahaf, Darius K Zoot, and Megan Robertson, are working on a game for this well loved 72-hour Jam. We’re reprising the idea we were pursuing during our failed Easter Weekend Prejam, Milky Doom.

So what the heck is Milky Doom? Well, it’s a king-of-the-hill style survival multiplayer game, in a bowl of cereal. It’s hilarious, and we’re making great progress; hopefully a playable prototype will be finished early tomorrow (we’re still implementing player functions).

I intend to write in more detail about the project and the Jam, but my bed beckons!


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