About the Blog
The Art of Game is a blog devoted to game design, and all of the little branches attached to it — art, programming, design and more. It is a place to discuss a wealth of topics, from video games and board games, to methods of storytelling, game reviews, writing, graphic design, and anything else that might come to light in discussion.

Greg Beaton, as Captured in a breath takingly life-like portrait

Greg Beaton, as captured in a breath takingly life-like portrait

About the Author
Greg Beaton is a Canadian game designer, self described jack-of-all-trades, practitioner of pixel art, and possessor of a charming, manly beard. He’s an avid gamer, fan of all kinds of games, and consumer of all kinds of media. He’s also a university graduate, having studied Visual Arts and New Media Design.

Favorite motifs include: Dark Red, Mushrooms, Chains, ‘Convergence of Magic and Technology’, Simplified Design, Pixelation and Retro Video games, Awesome, and Ridiculous.

You can reach Greg Beaton at gdbeaton@gmail.com.


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