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Board Game Jam 2 and an Untitled Hacking Game

March 5, 2012
Play Testing at the Jam

Play Testing at the Jam

So last weekend was the second Toronto Board Game Jam, and it was great. A lot of returning faces from the first jam, and plenty of new ones to join them. There’s been several write ups of the Jam already, so I don’t feel I need to cover that territory, and instead I’d like to discuss the game I created with Paul at the event.

We decided to avoid too much deliberation on the jam-day (which can eat in to your build time) and work out a concept a few days before. Paul and I sat down to discuss the theme (Science) and hash out mechanics. We wanted something easy to learn and quick to play, with minimal pieces to ensure we completed in time. Additionally, we wanted something where players directly interacted with each other, something which flexibly accommodated about 4 players, and with those restrictions, we went to work. (more…)


Milky Doom Preview

May 15, 2011

It’s getting close to the deadline, and Milky Doom is virtually complete! I’d like to take a minute to talk a bit about our game for this TOJam. These screenshots still don’t have all the assets we created, but they’ll be in there before the night is out.

The start of a round

Milky doom is a game about aliens, who have become trapped in a bowl of delicious, corn-inspired sugar cereal, and are panicking as they are stranded in a sea of deadly milk! Silly? Yes. Very.

Life in the cereal bowl

Players try to stay out of the milk. It’s a King-of-the-Hill style game; the aim is to be the last alien standing. All of your friends and allies may be drowning at the bottom of a terrible milky grave, but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate being the last and, clearly, the best.

Players can run and jump, and we hope to later add power-ups and grabbing abilities. The playing field is a bowl of cereal, and players run across the top of floating cereal kernals to stay alive. The cereal is crazy-realistic; it floats, bobs and bunches in to islands, and was a triumph for us. Bump in to other aliens to launch them. AI agents are littered in with human players, adding a lot of chaos.

Fear the spoon!

It’s not all about your fellow aliens, though. Fear the spoon of the unwary (or cold-hearted) eater! It makes the playing field more hazardous, smaller, and can kill slow and unsuspecting players!

We’ve been having a blast creating this game, and we hope to share it with the web soon, once it becomes available on the TOJam website, sometime soon (we hope).

TOJam 6: Morning 3

May 15, 2011

Some Milky WIP

It’s the final day here at TOJam6!

So yesterday was completely lost in a haze of productivity! Milky Doom has gone from a collection of assets in a weird technical demo of cereal physics to a legitimately fun program that just needs some minor structural additions. Our models are (mostly) textured, our code is nearing completion, and we still have the rest of today! Really, it’s gone much better than I could have anticipated.

Still, there’s a number of things left to do; can’t relax yet!

TOJam 6: Night 1

May 14, 2011

So TOJam #6 is here! I’m pretty excited. It’s pretty late, and most of our team is asleep, or planning to be soon. (I am part of the latter.)

So what’s happening? Well, Team Cardboard Box, which consists of myself, Andrew Tarzwell, Moh Al-Sahaf, Darius K Zoot, and Megan Robertson, are working on a game for this well loved 72-hour Jam. We’re reprising the idea we were pursuing during our failed Easter Weekend Prejam, Milky Doom.

So what the heck is Milky Doom? Well, it’s a king-of-the-hill style survival multiplayer game, in a bowl of cereal. It’s hilarious, and we’re making great progress; hopefully a playable prototype will be finished early tomorrow (we’re still implementing player functions).

I intend to write in more detail about the project and the Jam, but my bed beckons!

Easter Weekend Prejam

April 22, 2011

I love game jams. When I have to feign excitement for sporting events, I pretend that the Superbowl is TOJam, and it feels much more natural. And with TOJam #6 coming up next month, I’m pretty excited!  This year, Team Cardboard Box is 5 members strong, and we’re looking to make something very memorable.

That said, we’re undertaking a Prejam! What’s that? Well, it’s a laid back, online 72 hour Jam. We’re doing it as a team exercise, so that we’re working at full capacity when TOJam hits! But you can join in too, and make a game through the weekend! (And you know, you can take Monday to finish it if you reeeally want to.)

The themes we picked for our Prejam are: Coffee, Cereal and “Who Dunnit?”
Use all of em! Use none of em! It’s up to you!

I’ll be tweeting about this as we make progress; follow @GregPXL or, just look for the #prejam tag! Send me a link to your progress or final game and I’ll link em all from here at the end.


It’s Coming… TOJam 5!

April 19, 2010
TOJam 5

TOJam 5

This week is going to be a whirlwind for me. Not only is it a fairly busy work week for me, but this weekend is TOJam 5! I’ve been buzzing excitedly about this event since it was first announced in late February, and this year I will be competing along with the talented Andrew Tarzwell as Team Cardboard Box. Exciting!

We got to give some serious credit to the fantastic TOJam organizers again this year, too. This year, we’re set up in a larger space at George Brown college (which took virtually no time for sign-ups to fill! There’s already a waiting list!) along with equipment for those without, and all sorts of hosting niceties, like free dinner and prizes. Seems like TOJam is only getting bigger, and only getting better.

We’ve got great ideas and a lot of planning to do before this weekend, and I’ll try to document as much as I can. I will also be reviewing ALL of TOJam’s games this year as they’re released, just like last year! More updates to come!

The Games of ToJam 4: Part 8

August 18, 2009
Nothing is insignificant in Scale

Nothing is insignificant in Scale

At long last but not least by any stretch, we’ve got Flip the Beach, Lockpick, Swine Flu Apocalypse, and the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Use of Theme, SCALE.

If you’re just joining us on these reviews, check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7! (more…)

The Games of TOJam 4: Part 7

August 6, 2009
Sail in icy waters in da Boat!

Sail in icy waters in da Boat!

Huzzah! The remainder of the TOJam 4 games have been released, the last 9. Admittedly, I’ve been a little slow of the draw to post my reviews, but here we go anyhow.

Finally, we’ve got Bob the Blob, da Boat, Flip the Beach, Lockpick, Multiplayer Line Defense, Spirit Guide, Swine Flu Apocalypse, TEXMEX and the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Use of Theme, SCALE.

If you’re just joining us on these reviews, check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6!

Today I’ll be reviewing Bob the Blob, da Boat, Multiplayer Line Defense, Spirit Guide, and TEXMEX. (more…)

The Games of TOJam 4: Part 6

July 8, 2009
Blow them away in Category 5!

Blow them away in Category 5!

These TOJam 4 reviews are getting close to done — with 13 games left to review. Today we’re looking at Attention Shoppers, I Think They’re INSECTS!!!, Light Cycle and Gold People’s Choice Award, Category 5!

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The Games of TOJam 4: Part 5

July 7, 2009
Help a Cutout Garden in Bloom

Help a Cutout Garden in Bloom

After a long wait, we’ve finally been blessed with the 3rd round of TOJam 4 games!

This week, we’ve got Attention Shoppers, Bloom, Call of Foodie FiveI Think They’re INSECTS!!!, Light Cycle, Pipes In Space, Prison Quest, Scale Mountain and Gold People’s Choice Award, Category 5!

If you’re just joining us now, you should check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series for more great TOJam titles!

Today, I’ll be covering Bloom, Call of Foodie Five, Pipes in Space, Prison Quest, and Scale Mountain! (more…)