Table of Contents

Here is a list of all the posts here on art of game (as of July 1st, 2010) for your browsing convenience.

Quick Posts
Quick Post: Crossing Genres
Quick Post: Prayer
Quick Post: Open Puzzles
Quick Post: Competing with Toy Blocks
Quick Post: Make Everything Interesting
Quick Post: Solutions to Grinding
Quick Post: Keyboard Dedication
Quick Post: Heavy Rain
Quick Post: Spam Tycoon
Quick Post: Contemplating the Consequences
Quick Post: Procedural Generation Misconception
Quick Post: Revival

Review: Bang!
Review: I Wish I Were the Moon
I may never play a game this good again

Review: Amorphous+
Review: Bomberman Blast
Mirror’s Edge: Successes and Failures
Review: Restraining Order

Design Articles
Mechanics and Flavor
Analysis: 99 Bricks
Analysis: Rescue: The Beagles
Let’s talk about RPGs
Mini Analysis: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Game Linearity
Analysis: The Path
Clever Design: Controlling Gish
CRPG in Basic: The Linear RPG
Re: 7 Video Game Commandments
Let’s talk about Tower Defense
Story Telling Problems  in a Traditional RPG
What do we need for better conflict?
What’s Missing in Metroid Prime?
Lives and Death
Pinball; Indirect Gaming
Analysis: Infiniminer
Fight Back!… Or Don’t
Discouraging the Anti-Social
Living with Failure
The Rescue Mission
Edutainment: Oh, the Horror
Let’s Talk About Control
Are games being too deliberate?
Generating a Disk Drive Landscape
Queens, a cool approach to dying
Many Endings
Marshall McLuhan and Suspension of Disbelief

Randomness 1
Randomness 2
Randomness 3

Free Games
Free Game: Fall Apart
Free Game: Ramble
Free Game: Lexi
Free Game: Land Politics

Project: Little Robo Climber (Controls, Animation Model)
Project: Little Robo Climber Update (Project Goals)
Let’s Build a Better RPG
BBR Project: Better Combat 1
BBR Project: Better World 1

Totally Important Games
Totally Important Games: Audio Surf
Totally Important Games: Seiklus
Totally Important Games: Operation: Inner Space

TOJam Reviews
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 1
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 2
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 3
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 4
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 5
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 6
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 7
The Games of TOJam 4: Part 8

Art and Imagery
A Sketch from TOJam
A Sketch!
Pixel Art: The Tooth Fairy

Other Posts
Welcome to the Art of Game
TOJam #4
On Games and Budgets
TOJam Arcade!
To those unconvinced by procedural generation
Seeking Collaborators!
It’s Coming… TOJam 5!



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